Thursday, September 27, 2012




This video shows the bulk of it. The SishFishPi is getting much closer, dare I say it's a "2.0" at this point.

It's now capable of playing a game, with fully functional basic clocks, against stockfish, and updates an embedded web server with the game content in realtime!

There's still more to do, I need to get the web server fleshed out so you can use it to set the game parameters, things like:

- Player vs Computer or Player vs Player

- Downloading your pgn files of past games

- Setting clock times, labels for players, etc.

I also need to get the entire code base packaged up in a nice installation package such that it can be installed on any RaspberryPi System.

Lastly I need to get a the new "sishfish" chessboard hex files uploaded and available for the Minimus, Teensy, and Teensy++.

Exciting times ahead.



berger said...

It's great!

Exciting times, indeed. :)

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