Friday, September 7, 2012


I now have a functional SishFishPi!

It's still pretty simple today, however it can talk to the sish board (using a new hex file) and send the Stockfish moves to the LCD.

It's not the most visually appealing setup at this point, but now that I've got it working the breadboard will come out and I'll start working on wiring up this LCD cleaner. For now I can't begin to tell you how fun this was to play with this evening.

Still exploring options for displaying the game on an embedded web server on the Pi, and looking at how I can possibly modify the software further to show the clock, handle promotions, and start a new game cleanly.

As always lots to do, but it's high time I posted some pictures.

The above photo shows the breadboard and Raspberry Pi setup. The Pi is in a sweet case from Built to Spec. It rocks. 

There's stockfish's move from the Pi, it's on the LCD screen, I'm sorry but that's just so cool.

This should give you an idea of the commandline output on the sishfishpi, think of this as the debug information, when I'm done you won't have to connect to this interface unless you want to.
Lots to think about still, in order of preference here's what I'm working on right now.
1. Signaling start of a new game, I'm trying to avoid wiring another button up to the Teensy, but I at this point I haven't come up with a better plan than that.
2. Coding in promotions, I'm thinking you'll have to promote by moving the pawn to the 8th rank, then the SishFishPi will prompt you with "Promotion to?", then you'll press the square of what you are promoting to (d1,c1,b1,a1 -> Queen,Bishop,Knight,Rook) opposite if you are black of course.
3. Game Saving. The SishFishPi needs to save your game in pgn format and make in available on an embedded web server.
4. Game Display (in realtime) The SishFishPi also needs to show the game in realtime as we progress through it via an embedded web server.
That's about all I've got at present. I'll explore Git and look at making a repository for this stuff in the near term, or at least posting an SD card image for the Pi and the hex file for the Sish board once I get further along.


berger said...

SishFishPi! :D

I like the name, but are you sure you will not use more engines? ;)

Anyway... It's awesome: You have prepared a prototype in record time.

What display are you using? Is it connected to the GPIO?

As I am building my Tenssy at this moment, I will add one more switch. Just in case... ;)

On the other hand, I think that your solution to select the piece in promotion is smart and easy.


berger said...

Where I said "building my Teensy" I meant "building my Sish" ... :o

And btw, sorry for my bad english!

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