Thursday, March 15, 2012


The other day I received a FedEx package from a fellow USB Chessboard enthusiast. James "Jimmy" Patterson sent me one of his vinyl boards with wire leads ready to plug into my Teensy.

Wow Jimmy! Thanks for taking the time, effort, and expense to send this to me, it's very much appreciated. I'll get my hands on a new Teensy and wire it up in the near term.

Next, I'd like to get a listing of engines and interfaces people have used either the Sish or the Dream Cheeky with?

So far I've tried:

Fritz 12

Chessbase 11




Now while all of them have been interesting, I've found Chessmaster the most helpful as it has the gradually increasing opponent skill level options. Let's just say I'm much better at building Chessboards and Chess pieces than I am at actual Chess (But I'm learning!).

Any other good packages for building up your skills gradually?




Anonymous said...


I don't have Fritz 12 but I have some of the earlier versions of the program and I imagine that Fritz 12 will have the same in that there is a "Friend Mode" playing option where after a few games Fritz will dumb itself down to the players (human's) level, and progressively increase difficulty in future games as the person playing against Fritz improves.

Edit: Doing a search a Fritz 12 Friend Mode article was found:

A side question I have is I read on the web somewhere that with the Dream Cheeky version of the DIY USB chessboard there was some type of problem with using the Winboard GUI - where Winboard did not function 100% correctly, or 100% as would be expected. I do not recall that the problem with Winboard was actually stated. Can anyone give insight as to whether the problems that were experienced with the Dream Cheeky and Winboard are no longer present with the Teensy and Winboard?

I do plan on building a Teensy board of my own so I will ultimately find out about Winboard myself but I am curious to learn what the Winboard problem was/is. Though I do ask about Winboard I may mainly use Fritz or some other GUI with the board instead of Winboard because Winboard lacks the move announcements that other GUIs have.

hazmat said...

Good question, there was never an issue with Winboard beyond a "user-interface" issue. Winboard accepts keyboard input, however it does this through a separate text entry window. The original Dream Cheeky version used special software to send keystrokes to the appropriate window, often Winboard users would select the wrong window to send keystrokes to.

This isn't an issue with the Sish, it's a basic usb keyboard with full operating system support. There is no extra software to run on the computer.


PS - Oh yes, Friend mode! I had forgotten about that.

hisrook said...

I want to make a vinyl "Sish" board with a Teensy 2.0 (not the Teensy++). I will use basically these plans... along with your ideas and software to load in the Teensy.

I am unfamiliar with C programming, but I see your Sish.hex file should work. I want to use this board in my chess club to record top games during tournaments using Winboard. I'll also use this at home in my own live games (hopefully).

My question is this: I see on other sites, I would need the Teensyduino software to load any Arduino code after compiling into the Teensy. Do I need that with your .hex file? I did notice I can't load your .hex file into the Arduino software as it wants only .ino or .pde files. Am I not understanding how to do this correctly?

Thank you! I'm looking forward to making this project work.

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