Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teensy and Teensy++ (Sish and Sish++) Pin Assignments

Started work on my board this weekend, hmm, what I know in software is counterbalanced by my lack of soldering skills. :)

Ahh well, I have a few adjustments to make today, a couple of trips to the store planned, and a decent chance at a completed board by the end of the day. On the whole it looks beautiful, but it is a House of Staunton board, so I'd have to really screw it up to make it look bad.

In the meantime, here's the pin assignments for the Sish and Sish++, depends on if you but a Teensy or Teensy++.



Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be posting a few more pictures of my board build later today/this week. Then once I'm happy with everything I'll post the .hex files to make your own board.



Michael said...

Dear Matt,

could you explain the logic behind?

The pieces are in initial position.

A) Do they close the switches in the initial rows?
B) Don't they close the switches in the initial rowsand are locatet beside the switches?
A1) When you lift a piece does the switch switch from close to open?
B1) When you lift the piece do you have to take the piece in your hand and do you have to push the switch shortly - close - open?
A2) when you put the piece on the target field do you close the switch with the piece?
B2) When you put the piece on the target field do you have to push the switch - close - open and locate the piece beside the switch?


hazmat said...

Sure Mike, the switches are always open, the pieces do not sit on the switches. You simply close the switch to send the position. ie. If you wanted to move the piece on e2 to e4 you would press (close) the switch on e2, let it open, then close the switch on e4 and let it open.

Hopefully this helps.


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