Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Sish boards being built

Looks like I'm already the last one out of the gate.

Bryan Whitby, the accomplished computer chess board hobbyist from the UK sent me photos of his portable Sish unit.

Bryan's wiring always evokes great "wiring envy" from me. Look at how clean that looks!

Bryan has elected to wire his board and connect it to this side portable unit using two Ethernet jacks. Ethernet provides a convenience connection mechanism for chess board interfaces as each jack interfaces 8 wires.

Great work Bryan!

Hopefully I won't stay behind the 8-ball much longer as FedEx promises my hook-up wires should arrive on Friday. I expect I'll setup a nice terminal row like Bryan has done. In fact after looking at his design I'm thinking I have a little bit of work ahead of me tonight.

More pics as I progress.



Anonymous said...

The above photo ishows the early stages of my portable unit just to test that my Teensy with Matt's excellent new software worked with my sensory USB board.
My portable unit will eventually have a touch screen which will allow me to play on any standard chess board and input my moves using alphabetical and numerical touch keys (e2e4)

Anonymous said...

From Bryan's posted graphic it looks like Bryan has used the Teensy++ with pins. Can Bryan supply information on what he is plugging the Teensy board into?

Also, on each side of the graphic (toward the top of the graphic) are flatter wiring terminals. What are these flatter terminals being used for?

Yes, Bryan Whitby's wiring does invoke wiring envy. :)

hazmat said...

Sure, bryan purchased simple plastic sockets from the Teensy website and wired to those sockets, then connected to the Teensy to the sockets themselves. The flattened wiring terminals take the pressure off the wires coming off the sockets. Since the wire Bryan is using is thin and solid core it's not flexible and needs to be protected from excessive movement.


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