Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flip switch!

Tonight I added a new "flip" switch to my Sish board.

This switch is wired from GND and the "Flip" pin (see wiring diagrams).

The end result is I can switch to playing black by simply toggling the switch. Here's a picture of the wiring on the underside of my board.
and here's a close up of the toggle switch (it's attached with simple hot glue).
The end result is a board that allows me to play as black or as white readily with no manual flipping of the board.

Next up?

I've got a number of ideas, including potentially incorporating the DGT protocol, which would allow for usage of a Sish board natively with clocks and high end chess software.

Also looking at LCD screens..



Kramlig said...

hello sir. I am a chess fanatic besides I am an varsity player our institution. I am also an IT students wanting to create an interesting thesis project before I graduate. My Ideas is the same as yours, I am collecting an ideas in how to make it! and thank you. You inspired me of how to do it. My first problem is how to start it? I don't have an idea what IC's, resistors and etc. I don't have an idea also how much the expenses of this project. Can you please give me the materials of this project and the cost? I am looking forward for your assistance and advice.

I will wait for your immediate response. More power.

PS. Sorry for the grammar syntax.

hazmat said...

You need to follow the instructions I put together here..

I used the Teensy USB board, it's inexpensive and relatively straight forward to program in either Arduino or C.

Good Luck!

berger said...


I have to wait three to four weeks to receive my "Teensy USB Development Board", so I can not test the operation of the switches. Meanwhile I would like to work in the construction of the chessboard. I understand that there are 3 control switches:

1) Enter: Momentary type (normally open)
2) Backspace: Momentary type (normally open)
3) Flip: On/Off type

Am I wrong?

Thanks! :-)

hazmat said...

No sir, you have it 100% right.

berger said...

Thanks. Let's get it started!

Samuel said...

Hello Matt! This board is able to play chess online?

Could I built the board using a vinil chess board?

Thank you

hazmat said...

Sure, you can use this board to play with any program that can accept keyboard inputs. Vinyl boards? Sure, there's a few extra steps needed but here's some additional information.

berger said...

Hi Matt,

I just received Teensy board, I've programmed it, and "Enter" doesn't work as expected: It must be closed all the time to obtain a "return" code after each move. I meant, this command needs a normal switch (not momentary). Maybe the Teensy ++ program is different and "toggles enter" by the code?

Gerardo (aka Berger)

hazmat said...

They should both be the same, they are toggle switches. If closed then they will send and enter after a combination of moves (e2e4[enter]). If open then no [enter] is sent.

berger said...

Then I was wrong in my previous post (september 3, 12:54PM)... I had not it 100% right :P



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