Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick update

I have the core programming for the first Sish and Sish++ (Teensy and Teensy++ based) modules ready to upload tonight.

The following capabilities exist in this version:

1. The Sish works as a USB Keyboard, it sends keystrokes for the corresponding moves into the computer "a1e2", etc.

2. The Sish has the following toggle switch options:

a. Toggle Enter -> Sends the [Enter] command to the computer after every move pair, "e2e4", etc.

b. Toggle Flip -> "Flips" the board, ie what was "a1" is now "h8".

3. The Sish also has a "backspace" switch for erasing moves as entered. Use this to avoid needing a keyboard if you make a mistake during a move.

I'll upload the wiring diagrams and in process pics as I convert a House of Staunton board into the first Sish Chessboard this weekend.



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