Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sish boards being built

Wow, build it and they will come.

I've got a You Tube video below from Jimmy Patterson. Jimmy and I worked together to build the first Dream Cheeky based USB interface board a year or so ago. Well Jimmy was very excited to build his first "Sish" board and put together a quick video of the board which I've posted below.

In addition, I have a couple of pictures of my board in progress. For the initial stock board I chose a 1.75 inch square board from House of Staunton. Why 1.75? well late last year I started making Chess pieces in my wood shop, in fact my first post on this site has a shot of them. Anyway, those pieces are designed for 1.75 inch square boards..who wouldn't want to play with their own custom made pieces?

Gallery of Hazmat's pieces at

Ok, so here's a few of the build process, I started with a fresh House of Staunton board.

Then I used a ruler and piece of chalk to make the holes.

Afterwhich I used my dremel hand attachment to get the pilot holes started. If you don't have a Dremel you are missing out, I have one with lots of attachments and a drill press mount. Sure, I have a full set of woodworking tools but..the dremel is just damn handy.

Now the board is drilled and ready for tactile switches.

And here are the switches. I glued them down with a hot glue gun. On some this worked great, a handful required extra persuasion. The jury is still out on whether this will hold for the duration however.

Lastly I started wiring things up. I used simple 26 AWG uninsulated wire to connect all the switches, it was easy to work with, this is such low voltage it doesn't matter.

Now that's where I'm at now. I am sourcing some simple jumper wires to make connecting the rows of swiches to the Sish/Teensy easier, I've also built a small poplar "shelf" that will sit drilled into the bottom of this board and hold the Sish/Teeny. I want it to be tighly held, but also easily removable should I decide I want to remove it later. (For a future 2.0 board :) )

More pics next week when the rest of the parts arrive.



Michael said...

Dear Matt,

could you explain the logic behind?

The pieces are in initial position.

A) Do they close the switches in the initial rows?
B) Don't they close the switches in the initial rowsand are locatet beside the switches?
A1) When you lift a piece does the switch switch from close to open?
B1) When you lift the piece do you have to take the piece in your hand and do you have to push the switch shortly - close - open?
A2) when you put the piece on the target field do you close the switch with the piece?
B2) When you put the piece on the target field do you have to push the switch - close - open and locate the piece beside the switch?


hazmat said...

Sure Mike, I already answered your question here.

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